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Laboratory Fourteen

For many years we've all read and heard the saying "start with a good foundation". When it comes to 70's era F body cars we hear recommendations of sub frame connectors, solid body mounts, factory optional bracing and other traditional bolt on items. However like any building foundation those automotive things all need a good solid "footing" to allow them to function as well as possible.

In my years of modifying cars I've repaired and reinforced sub frames and other chassis components on customer cars as well as my own projects and as time has slowly passed the need for repair pieces has increased as the cars from the 60's and 70's have become more worn from use and slowly rusted more and more. Cars that were considered parts cars due to rust years ago are now being completely rebuilt. While the focus is typically focused on rusted out floor pans, fenders, and other obvious parts they all bolt to the sub frame which should also receive attention.

Meanwhile, the technological advancements in power trains and aftermarket suspension systems have advanced by leaps and bounds. Suspensions and chassis that were designed in the 60's to utilize bias ply tires made of hard rubber tire compounds are being replaced with modern suspension components and tires that can greatly increase the capabilities of the car. The original sub frame and suspension mounting points weren't designed to withstand the loads today's tires and suspension can create. This is where Lab-14 products come in.

Hidden in plain view, disguised as an ordinary home with a 2 car garage located in a suburban neighborhood LAB-14 is where new products are conceived, designed, and prototypes are made. The "Laboratory" part of the company name came about because there's usually some kind of science project looking operation going on whether structural like the frame reinforcement pieces or other things like aerodynamic enhancements. 14 was the number on my first race car and I've used it since.

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